£25,000 over 3 years

St George’s Youth Club (Hanworth) provide daily youth work sessions for a variety of groups. The daily sessions include sport, music tuition, games, cooking, skill acquisition, and a wide variety of interesting and enjoyable activities.

Each Summer they provide an activity week away from the area to assist with personal development, team building, and good citizenship. They also provide outings and events throughout the year with the same aim.

Because of participation they are able to integrate young people from a variety of backgrounds, and to involve their parents. This encourages social cohesion in a community where many factors divide rather than unite.

A number of previous members come back to assist, as well as young helpers undertaking their Service section of the Duke of Edinburgh Award.


Our Project is to seek out the further young people who are not engaged in a constructive leisure time such as we provide. Left on the streets with nothing to do they end up in gangs and antisocial behaviour (and worse) ensues.

The Part-time Project Officer will seek to encourage schools and local organisations to promote our work and to involve more young people in it.

Our aim is to assist their personal development, to be a mentor, to assist them on the path to qualifications and employment where possible, and to increase their social skills.

The Officer will liase with a variety of agencies to assist each young person, and have a positive input to challenge them to grow and mature, and take their part in the economic and social community.