£10,000 for 1 year

We know that children from low‐income communities experience greater barriers to success than those from more affluent families ‐ the most advantaged 20% of young people are still seven times more likely to attend the most selective universities than the 40% most disadvantaged.

Young people from low income areas do not reach their full potential at school and lack the relevant support, skills and awareness to make informed choices when they leave school. This educational inequality perpetuates disadvantage that impacts a child’s life: at GCSE level, nearly 50% of children claiming free school meals achieve no passes above a D grade.

Spire Hub’s solution is unique. There are over 30,000 teachers across the UK leaving the profession each year (DFE 2011). Spire Hub harness these teachers’ expertise to unlock the potential of disadvantaged young people.

Their vision is for every young person to have the support to realise their potential. They provide a year long programme of small group sessions delivered weekly by passionate retired teachers and inspirational role models. They focus on areas which improve life chances beyond school including confidence and communication; knowledge of future opportunities beyond school; and the study and examination skills to make sure they get there.

Website: www.spirehub.strikingly.com

Specific Project

They have a strong evaluation framework and data analysis tools and one of their trustees specialises in evaluation and impact measurement. They measure teacher assessed predicted GCSE grades throughout the year long programme.

The schools provide them with the data for our cohort of pupils as well as a control group of a non Spire Hub cohort from the same year, which allows them to directly measure and compare their impact. They carry out an outcomes survey with the pupils at the beginning and end of the programme which asks questions about life skills such as confidence, team working and public speaking as well as questions about university and careers options awareness.

They take regular feedback from retired teachers, which consistently tells them how much they also get out of the sessions and they meet regularly with the schools to gather feedback from their teaching staff as well.

Success for Spire Hub is giving every young person they work with the support to realise their potential and they measure this through their GCSE grades and their ability to pursue academic and career options.