£24,000 over 3 years

Southampton Rape Crisis (SRC) is a Southampton-based charity which aims to relieve the distress of individuals (aged 11+) who have suffered rape or sexual abuse and to carry out prevention work through education.

WWMT is supporting the Star Project which aims to reduce the incidence of rape and sexual abuse and raise awareness of support services via creative and innovative workshops with Young People. Their work has always had an emphasis on reducing the disproportionately high numbers of sexual violence incidents amongst young people, but over recent years they have diversified to cover issues such as: teenage pregnancy, sexual exploitation, online safety (in particular, ‘Sexting’), bullying, delaying early sexual activity, impact of substance use on relationships, young people and pornography etc.

The Star Project is an award winning, innovative education and outreach programme working with young people (aged 10 upwards) on a wide range of sex and relationship issues, with a particular focus on sexual violence prevention. Each year over 6,500 young people in and around Southampton benefit from our interactive workshops.

The Star Project tackle a wide range of issues, such as:

  • Delaying sexual activity
  • Preventing sexual abuse, harassment and exploitation
  • Domestic violence
  • Teenage pregnancy
  • Online risks and protection

“Today we have done a lot of work about problems, it was really good working in groups and doing a brain storm of a lot of problems teenage girls/boys go through. It helped me understand all problems that go on”

“Star Project helped us understand about sexual relationships and how they affect teenagers. Also about different pressures experienced by teenagers in both males and females.

Website: www.southamptonrapecrisis.com

End of Year 1 Progress Report

We are supporting The STAR project which aims to reduce the incidence of sexual violence amongst young people in the Southampton area. I met Frankie, who co-ordinates the project. She is very impressive and has delivered on every KPI.

They have successfully trained twenty Year 10 children (aged 14 yrs) to be peer educators and to deliver training to Year 8 children at the Oasis Lord Hill Academy. This programme has won international acclaim. They have also delivered workshops to vulnerable children across Southampton. They are very much on track to deliver year two and three KPI’s.

Feedback from teacher at Upper Shirley High, Southampton

“The girls really enjoyed working with Scott and Frankie for their relationship programme. It gave the girls an opportunity to discuss some tricky issues that they would usually keep bottle up. We saw an increase in the girls attendance after the programme was complete and the girls were trying really hard to put the skills they had learned into practice. It really is a unique programme and we have already booked them in for next year!” Janine Kirk – Upper Shirley High

Rick Wates