New Grant from September 2014 Meeting
Grant Amount £22,500 for 3 years

ReachOut is a mentoring charity working with disadvantaged young people, aged 11-16 years old, in some of London’s most severely impoverished communities where young people are underachieving academically and risk becoming NEET.

Through one-to-one mentoring with positive role models, we improve academic competency, while also teaching our four character values of fairness, self-control, good judgment and staying power. This innovative dual approach means our young people not only gain qualifications, but positive character traits that will allow them to reach their potential in all areas of life long after they leave ReachOut.

Through our three weekly mentoring programmes and a summer programme, we can support a child year round from the age of 11 through to 16 years old.

ReachOut Club and ReachOut Academy are after school clubs for primary and secondary school children respectively, providing one-to-one academic and personal mentoring and fun group activities.

Junior Mentors Programme is a one-to-one mentoring project for 14-16 year olds, helping them to develop leadership skills and ultimately become mentors themselves.

Summer Programme is a full time summer school for young people aged 9 to 14 years, offering a constructive way of spending summer holiday ‘idle time’.