QCCA aims to improve the quality of life for residents who live and work in Camden, especially in the Gospel Oak area. QCCA runs a variety of activities and sessions over three sites.

Activities and sessions range between educational programmes such as ICT and ESOL, health programmes such as gym sessions and exercise classes and social cohesion programmes such as Luncheon club and crèche. QCCA also has equipment and hall hire services. And also holds social events such as excursions, residentials and festivals for the community members.

“There is lots happening in the youth club and it means we don’t have to stay on the street… Some of us don’t go school or college so need to get qualifications to get jobs, and the youth workers are always helping keep us out of trouble. I want to become a youth worker so I volunteer as well”. – A beneficiary of QCCA.

Website: www.qcca.org.uk

Wednesday 30th April 2014 – TDF Riders visit QCCA

QCCA welcomed two rider’s at Wednesday evening’s youth session at Queen’s Crescent Community Centre and Malden Road Multi-use Games Area. QCCA’s young leaders welcomed the riders and provided a guided tour during which they witnessed young people aged 8-13 years old engaged in sports, arts and music activities.

Please see Hugh Webb’s (TDF Rider) video of the experience below;