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Pinda Kai Do was originated and established by Master Franck K. Mpinda in 1996 and became a charity in 2004, with the intention of supporting local people who cannot afford coached sports, and people from a disadvantaged background.

Pinda Kai Do is a sophisticated form of martial art which combines information, education and self-discipline. Pinda Kai Do is a martial art with feeling and emotion and is different from other martial arts which can suggest the use of excess force to eliminate the opponent. In Pinda Kai Do, the student warns the opponent of his martial art knowledge, thus giving the options of retreat or attack. If a fight takes place the Pinda Kai Do student will react to control the situation physically using reasonable force and act with compassion in the case of an opponent’s injury. This is why Pinda Kai Do is called a martial art with feeling.

Pinda Kai Do Mission:

  • To teach self-control.
  • To teach self-discipline.
  • To encourage you to become confident both in the Dojo and in everyday life.
  • To perform and express yourself.
  • To prepare you to work under pressure.
  • To gain confidence and self esteem.
  • To improve the quality of life and well being of young

Pinda Kai Do Students’ Mission:

  • To learn the rules of Pinda Kai Do School of Martial Arts.
  • To act according to the Pinda Kai Do mission and to put it into practice outside the Dojo in your everyday life.
  • To show respect and courtesy to all.

They aim to achieve these goals through working with disadvantaged people from the community – particularly young women/men from the Tottenham area of Haringey. They aim to support people of varying ages, but particularly young girls/boys from BAME backgrounds that are at risk of becoming NEET or involving in crime and gang activities.

Pinda Kai Do is a growing organisation not only in United Kingdom but also in Africa.

Website: www.pindakaido.co.uk