The ongoing support from WWMT has enabled Newark to continue its growth and therefore deliver more services for the local community, especially the children and young people we work with through our football and youth club projects.

Projects & Activities

  • Football – Every week, over 250 children and young people benefited from our football project, which is run mainly using 12-15 young people and parent volunteers
  • Youth Clubs – Our 5 Youth Clubs engage 100 young people every week, we have opened 1 new youth club this year and increased the frequency of days they are open
  • Holiday Programmes – 100 young people attended our 2 summer projects, benefitting from a range of youth club activities, sports, workshops and excursions
  • Volunteering Programme – 25 young people and adults volunteered throughout all our projects and had the opportunity to develop their skills, work experience and leadership skills
  • Residentials – Delivered 2 residentials for 18 young people, enabling them to experience the outdoor and living on their own
  • Study Support Club – 50 children benefitted from our study support club, helping them to improve their school work and gain confidence in English and Maths


  • Over 350 stay engaged in positive activities and stayed out of trouble during the year by participating in our football and youth club projects
  • 15 young people volunteered and developed a range of personal, social and work skills
  • 1 person went onto work for the NHS and 3 young people working as sessional football coach or youth worker after volunteering with Newark
  • 2 young people graduated from university
  • 2 young people joined Newark Trustee board
  • Won Tower Hamlets Youth Service contract
  • Been chosen to be part of the Co-op promotional advertising campaign