£20,000 over 3 years

JusB is a community based youth centre. They are there for young people during their journey to independence, helping them make the most of their potential. Their focus is tackling anti-social behaviour through preventative work and fostering positive attitudes, giving young people a brighter future.


  • To enable young people to develop their identity and self esteem;
  • To help young people avoid anti-social behaviour and crime, both as victims and perpetrators;
  • To help young people discover and develop new skills and talents; and
  • To encourage young people to develop a sense of belonging within their local community.


  • To offer high quality youth work support
  • To work with young people on the streets
  • To provide opportunities for expressive arts activities
  • To provide volunteers from the local community

Their transitional group, ElementY, runs at a local primary school, Burnt Ash, which is located in one of the worst 25% areas in the Government’s Indices of Deprivation (2010). Nearly half of its pupils are from minority ethnic groups, predominantly of Black or Black British heritage. Over a third of pupils are disabled or have special educational needs, mainly moderate learning difficulties. The school has a special opportunities unit (SOU) for pupils with severe and complex learning difficulties. Consequently, the proportion of pupils with statements of special educational need is above the national average.

This project targets young people in Years 6-8, helping them make the move to secondary school. By making friends across the age ranges and having workshops and activities to discuss worries, this club helps the young people start on a good footing as they go into secondary education. Four of their other projects help NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Training) and pre-NEETs. ElementY has been created to prevent such problems early on.

Website: www.jusb.co.uk