£22,000 over 3 years

Eikon is a Surrey based charity that has been working in the local community for almost two decades, providing sustained support to some of the county’s most vulnerable young people and their families.

Eikon delivers imaginative early intervention programmes to help young people overcome issues, before they become potentially life-changing problems. Their core-work is placing Youth Specialists into schools to provide young people with expert mentoring and targeted programmes (including courses, activities and residential trips – to address issues such as poor confidence and low self-esteem; anger management and/or poor social and communication skills).

Statement from Charity:

“At The Eikon Charity our vision is to develop happy, thriving and resilient young adults, who contribute positively to society. Based on Eikon’s tried and tested model of placing “Youth Specialists” in to secondary schools, The William Wates Memorial Trust has enabled Eikon to roll out a new mentoring programme at Ryden’s Enterprise School in Walton. This will enable us to access the most vulnerable young people in the area; those who are facing complex challenges in their lives, who often have no one else to turn to. The Trust’s contribution will go a long way to our vision becoming a reality in the Rydens community, thank-you.”

Website: www.eikon.org.uk

End of Year 2 Summary Report

WWMT is supporting Eikon charity with their Mentoring Project at Ryden’s Enterprise School in Hersham. The project is targeted at disadvantaged young people in their pivotal teenage years to help them transition successfully in to adulthood. We made a payment of £7000 in year two of our grant. You may recall that Eikon’s Chief Executive spoke on the Tour de Force last year.

Eikon employs a full-time Youth Specialist, named Charlotte, who delivers the mentoring programme on a full-time basis taking both self-referrals from young people, and referrals from parents, school staff, and police and partner agencies. This year Charlotte has seen 152 young people.

Charlotte’s work to-date has:

  • Ensured that young people suffering from social isolation feel less alone
  • Reduced the number of ‘behaviour incidents’ due to young people being able to manage their anger better
  • Signposted an increasing number of young people (and personally introduce them) to specialist agencies that deal with severe issues such as drug and alcohol misuse and physical abuse
  • Raised the levels of self-confidence, of individuals who are unsupported elsewhere in terms of their personal and social development
  • Extended support networks for young people, and act as an intermediary between schools, families and other agencies/organisations
  • Enabled young people to focus on their learning in school and be less disruptive for other students
  • Passed on her knowledge to other young people who are interested in being mentors, and helping young people their own age.

I have met Charlotte and she is a very high quality individual. This quotation sums her up well:

“Charlotte has settled in extremely well to RES. In addition to her own role of meeting and supporting students, Charlotte has been supporting the Heads of House and Child Protection officers on a number of occasions. Charlotte is a proactive individual who throughout the last term has communicated with CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service), the police, social workers, parents and numerous colleagues in school, but always in liaison with a member of Rydens SLT (Senior Leadership Team). The students she has worked with this half term really appreciate her time and advice. They describe her as nice, trustworthy, honest, supportive, not judgemental and genuine. Charlotte is a great addition to the pastoral team at RES. I personally am very lucky to have her working alongside me.”

Jo Mackenzie, Child Protection Liaison Officer, Rydens Enterprise School

We have agreed the final year grant of £5000.00.

Rick Wates