New Grant from September 2014 Meeting
£24,000 over 3 years

Chaos Theory is a grass roots Violence Prevention Charity in Waltham Forest. The intervention work carried out by Chaos Theory attempts to stop the spread of violence by using ‘violence interrupters’ to detect, intercept and diffuse potentially lethal situations.

Chaos Theory aims to:

  • stop lethal violence and the further transmission of violent episodes;
  • increase public safety and safer communities;
  • socially include individuals entrenched in serious violence;
  • achieve peaceful resolutions for potentially violent conflicts and stop retaliations; and
  • challenge and change the social norms that sanction the use of violence bringing about positive changes in individuals and communities.

Their approach is heavily led by community members, embraces high levels of user involvement and aims to build stronger communities who join together to tackle this issue and assist in positive outcomes for those most vulnerable and disadvantaged. By intensively engaging their participants who meet their criteria, they aim to support them with their Outreach Services to access suitable training/education and address other welfare needs. Due to their ability to engage these young adults and their families, they are able to assist them in achieving positive outcomes within their lives, address issues of welfare, education and employment alongside keeping safe and healthy

One CT team member saw an opportunity to intervene upon an incident causing death. An ‘older’ member of the street organisation, stated that he didn’t want the conflict to continue. The CT member acted fast to try and arrange a formal intervention, but frustratingly came up against a lack of resources. This provided urgency on the team’s journey to fill this gap in violence prevention in the UK.

“I have been attending the community site and the team have helped me do my CV and help me get confident to go back to school. I am now going back to education for the first time in 8 years and starting my FA football coaching course. I hope to stay out of prison and change my life now, it is hard but by VI keeps pushing me” – Service user

“I thank this team for keeping my son safe for one day. This is a hard issue that we face daily and not many people understand the struggle we go through. My son didn’t stop talking about this team day and I haven’t seen him this happy for a long time. A little effort and caring has given these boy’s hope and motivation.”