New Grant from May 2014 Meeting
Grant Awarded – £24,702.78 over 3 years

Chain Reaction Theatre Company exist to educate, inspire and increase the confidence of disadvantaged young people aged 5-19 in deprived areas of London and Essex.

They help young people to become positive, informed and successful members of society by providing;

  • Issue-based interactive theatre and media workshops delivered in community settings and schools in and out of school hours, including running a weekly issue based Youth Theatre for 5 years.
  • Engaging educational theatre performances, supported by further resources (workshops/resource packs etc) delivered in schools and Specialist Educational Units (SEU’s) for youth with emotional and behavioural issues.

Their projects, which deal with issues such as aspirations, knife crime, conflict resolution, racism, bullying, drugs, smoking and obesity, enable young people to:

  • Become more knowledgeable about health and social issues that affect them.
  • Feel able to make positive informed choices.
  • Engage (often for the first time) in free high-quality arts activities.
  • Grow in skills, motivation, confidence, and self-esteem.

Since 1994, they have used their uniquely successful methods to enable over 340,000 young people from deprived areas to make positive choices regarding their lifestyles, behaviours and attitudes, to benefit both themselves and the wider community.

The project Keepin’ It Cool (KIC) is a 3 year conflict resolution project for 8-11 year olds who have been excluded from mainstream school and attend specialist educational units (SEU’s) in three disadvantaged London boroughs. KIC is a funny yet sensitive performance promoting patience, communication and compromise and provides practical ways to manage anger. It tells the story of 3 school children’s attempts to deal with day-to-day situations that cause them anger and upset. KIC provides tools and techniques to enable children to de-stress and deal with difficult situations in a positive manner, resolving differences before they escalate.