BigKid Foundation is a charity based in Lambeth covering a variety of districts within the Borough.

Through activities that include a football training programme, community leadership programme, multi-sport programme and a mentoring programme, their aim is to engage with young people in the area who are struggling with the pressures of gangs, crime and deprivation. Through their programmes they help these young people on a personal level, guiding them to make a positive step change in their lives, including developing their leadership skills to become key stakeholder and mentors within their communities.

WWMT is very pleased to be supporting them with £10,000 per year for 3 years.The sports engagement programme utilises sport as a means of engaging young people living on inner city estates and offering them mentoring alongside football training and coaching. Each week a team of football coaches host a number of football training sessions in Lambeth, organise matches and tournaments.

The young people are encouraged as part of the programme to become qualified FA Level 1 Coaches and then to volunteer to coach other young people on their estates. In addition to the football activities, basketball, short tennis and cage cricket sessions are organised as well as weeklong residentials. These activities encourage trust, teamwork, broaden the horizons of the young people, break down relational barriers and for many are the only times they will leave their estates during the year.