£23,500 over 3 years

Their mission is to create with young people a future where they take responsibility for their actions, have a thriving career and make positive contributions to Tower Hamlets.

To achieve this, Streets of Growth have developed the Appropriate Intervention Model (AIM) namely,

  • Transitional Coaching enabling young people, in making changes for positive progression.
  • Street School addressing tensions of lifestyle change needed for positive progression.
  • Enterprise to inspire young people through business skills.
  • Regeneration initiatives connecting young people into the social, physical and economic regeneration.

Website: www.streetsofgrowth.org

Specific Project

Earn Your Vision (EYV) programme is a bespoke approach that aims to engage, inspire and progress most high risk, vulnerable young people through focused, social, enterprise challenges and work experience activities in our Turning the Tables (TtT) Enterprise combined with their bespoke Street School that provides, accredited work/enterprise training and life skills/personal leadership development to support young people to develop life skills, (i.e. understanding the relevance of how ‘you’ think and behave impacts on how ‘you’ achieve), employment skills.

All of the above is underpinned with consistent transitional coaching by Streets of Growth (SOG) Youth Coaches to support young people to move out of violence, poverty and disrupt their cycle of negative behaviours/patterns so they can progress and self-sustain into their chosen life/career pathway.