Right Track Project, and its youth support and training programme – Pit Stop, is a youth-led intervention aimed at supporting disadvantaged young people aged 13+, especially those involved in or at risk of becoming involved in gang/criminal activity.

With the primary focus on developing skills and opportunities through go-karting, we offer a range of training, volunteering and mentoring, specifically designed around the individual’s needs and motivations.

RTP’s aim is to support young people in becoming more confident, self-aware and encourage them to feel better connected to their community in an otherwise detached environment through delivery of a flexible yet structured training programme that promotes self-development and prosocial behaviour.

Young people are taught how to mechanically maintain the petrol engine go-karts, either on a weekly basis or through a structured training programme, learning transferable skills – perfect for those who wish to pursue a career in mechanics, engineering or motorsport.

In addition to our mechanical training, we also train the young people as track marshals and volunteers to become vital members of the team when delivering private sessions to young people of all ages and abilities.

Upon completion of the initial training programme, young people will also be able to receive additional support from our mentor who organises a range of workshops, trips and exciting activities as well as offering key signposting to other external services, encouraging further personal and professional development.