Britain has a deep social mobility problem. This not only limits the contribution that individuals can make to the economy and wider society, but it is also unfair. Envision want to change this.

Envision believe that young people from more disadvantaged backgrounds often have less opportunity to develop the social confidence, personal efficacy and other skills that are characteristic of successful adults.

Envision also believe that the education system can help fill this gap for these young people.

This is why Envision is working in partnership with schools, harnessing resources in the wider community, to deliver proven approaches to developing character and employability.

Envision specialise in using social action as a vehicle for development. This means that as well as preparing young people for work, they are also developing a generation of changemakers willing and able to build a better society for all of us. Many young people from disadvantaged backgrounds experience social problems first-hand and are therefore more motivated to change them. By developing their personal competencies, Envision can enable them to do so.